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What They're Saying

FIREBALL (2023) rated one of the top 20 Houston albums released in 2023 by the Houston Chronicle. “Think Gillian Welch and David Rawlings by way of Houston.” 
-Joey Guerra, Houston Chronicle, 2024 

Houston Chronicle review of “Pretty Little Secrets”:

"Colorful. Creative. Absolutely laser sharp. Deserving, destined, and dense with a combination of articulate and contemplative lyrics, and a highly skilled and explorative musical aptitude. And, with sixteen songs, Grifters & Shills’ seventh album, Pretty Little Secrets, delivers not only in quality, but quantity as well. What’s most satiating, however, is not necessarily the veteran musicianship, or the deluxe instrumental adventure. It’s not necessarily the tight vocal harmonies, the bluesy riffs, or the razor-tight production. It’s the writing. Rebecca and John Stoll’s eyes are wide open, and they’re putting it all to pen. Every kernel of depth. Every morsel of emotion. Every hypocrisy. Every irony. It’s all there, thoughtful and substantive. The painstaking measure of which was taken to create this beast-of-an-album is not beyond one single listen. And, you should."
-The Ark of Music, September 17, 2019

"This album sounds better than most albums currently being released by major music labels. The vocals are exceptionally good. When John and Rebecca get going, you'll find it almost impossible to stay still."
-Babysue, October 2019

"They break the mold with music that your mind and ears need to hear." 
 -Indie Spoonful, August 22, 2019 

 "An amped up Johnny Cash & June Carter." 
 -Skope Mag, September 3, 2019

 "John and Rebecca Stoll have a marriage of country/bluegrass (Rebecca) and rock (John) that just eschews Americana. Rebecca’s sweet voice and John’s high energy and string instrumentals add up to huge entertainment."
-James Killen, Houston Music Review, October 4, 2017